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Intervention for Students

Vision Statement:

Program goals are to provide quality intervention programs and resources in a positive learning environment to help all students research their full potential.

Materials and Resources:

  • Specialized computer based programs to promote literacy by increasing reading and spelling skills
  • Direct instruction and multi-model approach for effective learning
  • Effective strategies to improve reading, spelling, writing, reading comprehension, test taking, study skills, time management, and organization
  • Guidance on appropriate adaptive technology and resources available
  • Materials for printing and cursive writing
  • Children and teen library
  • Parent support for working with children at home
  • Parent educational resources

Specializing in Helping Students with Learning Disabilities or ADHD

I find great pride in the students I work with. The youngest students come to me with literacy skills that are often more than three years behind that expected given their age and grade placement. Poor literacy development leads to academic difficulties across the school curriculum creating weaknesses in areas of intellectual strengths such as science, social studies, or math. Continuous academic difficulties often mark student self-esteem and self-confidence. In essence these distinct learning dispositions students experience that relate to Learning Disabilities (LD) or Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) create additional barriers that impact on the social, emotional and psychological development. The focus of intervention efforts is to provide a positive learning environment to help students reach their true potentials.

Academic tutoring is available for students who have developed literacy skills yet struggle in keeping up with their school work. Students who have difficulty with time management, organization, poor homework completion or difficulty learning materials for tests and exams often struggle because they have not developed the strategies necessary for approaching these tasks. Subject specific tutoring is available to help students with their school assignments that include how to follow teacher instructions, time management, organization, reading to learn and writing strategies and test preparation.

Students receive individualized tutoring based on their needs, resulting in:

  • Reading, spelling and writing at grade level
  • Improved test and exam taking skills
  • Improved learning strategies
  • Learning style self awareness
  • Increased cognitive abilities for memory skills, focus and attention
  • Self advocacy skills
  • Increased self esteem and self confidence
  • School success
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  • teens
  • Post-secondary Students
  • Kids
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  • Post-secondary Students
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  • Young Authors
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  • success stories
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